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Moralia in epistolas Pauli

survives only in one French 13th-cent. ms.

Evidence for the work

Old Norse quotations

(177) Páls saga postula II ()
Old Norse text:
En i þeiri bok er postille het ok giỏrt hefir petrus manducator yfir pals pistla, þa segir (hann) fra þvi at fiandinn leitaði ser rads. ok otti menninir til miok vid sea at giora storglæpi. fyrir þessa sauk þa bar þat fyr einn dyrðligan mann at fiandrnir attu þingh.
Source bibliography (Old Norse):
Postola sögur. Legendariske Fortællinger om Apostlernes Liv, deres Kamp for Kristendommens Udbredelse, samt deres Martyrdød. Ed: C. R. Unger. Kristiania 1874. p. 272
Latin text:
-- not contained in ms. fragment --
Source bibliography (latin):
Paris, Nat. Lat. 651
Identification is Unknown
Research bibliography:
Collings, Lucy Grace:The Codex Scardensis. Studies in Icelandic Hagiography. Diss., Cornell University, non publ.; microfilm ed. Ann Arbor Mich. 1975 1969: p. 34f
Collings notes the use of an unknown commentary on the Pauline epistles by Petrus Comestor. It is impossible to judge if this is the correct one due to the fragmentary transmission.