Nordisk Forskningsinstitut

De sancta cruce

AH 54 no. 120

Evidence for the work

Manuscript copies from Iceland

(100) AM 241 b II fol. , 3r
Source bibliography:
Dreves, Guido M., Blume, Clemens, Bannister, H. M.:Analecta hymnica medii aevi digitalia . Textus et imagines. 200-2006. p. LIV 188ff.
Identification is Certain
insertion of two lines after the fifteenth stanza, which are common to Grad. ms. Ratingense (Clm Monacen. 10075) and Grad. ms. S. Thomae Lipsiensis (cod. S. Thomae Lipsiensis s.n.). Identification by Astrid Marner (June 2013)